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Release Day: The Lecture that Became a Book!

Growing up, I often found myself in my father's study receiving a lecture that molded my understanding of the power of names and how they bind us. This lecture is given almost word for word in my newest novel releasing today, A Necessary Madness.

The lecture always began with the question, "Who's name do you bear?"

Names bind us to family--past, present, and future and tell an important story. They often provide a deep desire to live life just a little better. To be a little more honest. A little more kind. And above all else, to bare our namesake with integrity. A name is something we can either carry with pride or drag through the mud.

This is the struggle of Ebrielle Ann Fields in A Necessary Madness.


Voices inside Ebby's head pull her into one bad situation after another. But soon she discovers that the strange whispers may be the key to uncovering a plot to destroy her homeland, and they could prove her loyalty… or lead to her undoing.with a group of craftsmen, including her childhood friend and blacksmith, Wesley, to act as the governor’s ambassador to the country over the mountain.

As she discovers that the strange whispers that caused her so much trouble back home may be the key to uncovering a plot to destroy her homeland, she realizes they could prove her loyalty to her people…or lead to her undoing.

I hope you enjoy this story about names, family, bravery, and childhood enemies turned lovers. It's a book I'm thrilled to finally share with the world.

To celebrate the book's release, Owl Hollow Press is hosting a bash at the Provo City Library in Utah TOMORROW! Click the graphic to grab your ticket. (It's free!)

During the signing, guests can enjoy a mini Festival of Masters featuring author/magician Amy Beatty, leather work by Phillip Chipping, and metal craftsman, Jared Yates.

You'll also be able to design your own family crest while eating Ebby's preferred food of choice: HONEYCAKES!

I still can't believe Owl Hollow Press pulled all of this together! I'm honored the book bears their name on the spine. :)

See you tomorrow!

1 comment

1 Comment

Mar 22, 2022

Congratulations Jen! I can't wait for your book!!

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